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Cuecliché are a London based, three-piece Pop Punk band. “We met online, we’re a Grindr” a common joke shared on stage by Cuecliché but in reality the band met after Terry was inspired by an acoustic Blink 182 show at Kingston’s Banquet Records to post a musicians wanted add on Gumtree.

After many a wasted date, Terry and met Jake at a bar in London and the two instantly bonded over a mutual love for early 00’s Pop Punk bands like Blink 182, Bowling for Soup and Sum 41. The pair initially set out to write songs with a very cliché 00’s Pop Punk sound which was where the name Cuecliché came from, but they quickly realised they were making music with a very distinct sound. You can still hear those catchy Pop Punk melodies but they’re often interrupted by huge guitar solos, courtesy of Jake’s heavier influences.

Just three days after first meeting the pair met again to start writing songs and on that initial songwriting session wrote what would go on to be the title track of their debut EP, One Last Chance.

Regularly meeting to write new music Jake and Terry added Jake’s lifelong friend Jason to their lineup and Cuecliché were complete.

2016’s release of “One Last Chance” was followed with their second EP “Look at the Pictures” in 2019 both efforts were home-recorded, self-releases and have been streamed over 25,000 times combined, with the latter receiving a 5/5 score from Three Songs and Out who wrote – Cuecliché’s “Look At The Pictures” is truely a great EP. It seems they really put in the time and work, and it shows. In my opinion these guys deserve 5/5.

Cuecliché began their live careers at the world famous Fiddler’s Elbow and have played all over the UK since, including 6 self-organised mini tours of the UK. They were scheduled to support The Plain White Ts in 2020 but sadly the global pandemic saw the show cancelled. Cuecliché’s live performance is a fast paced intense affair full of audience interaction described by Even The Stars as “The energy of the set, which never takes the foot off the accelerator pedal throughout, the band’s philosophy clearly to take the crowd with them.”

The back end of 2021 Cuecliché began tracking demos for their third EP “The Cliché EP” but a global pandemic interrupted the process. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology the band worked remotely on the EP resulting in more “versions” of every song than their previews two EPs combined but resulting in Cuecliché’s best EP yet.

“The Cliché EP” will be released over four months from August as monthly singles starting with “The Last Dance” August 18th. Cuecliché will be heading out on Tour August 25th to promote the new EP playing Leicester, Liverpool, Sheffield and London.

Music Reviews

Cuecliche - Look at Pictures EP

“Cuecliché’s “Look At The Pictures” is truely a great EP. It seems they really put in the time and work, and it shows. In my opinion these guys deserve 5/5″ – 3 Songs and Out

“One of the strongest, most accomplished, and perhaps more importantly FUN punk EP’s I’ve heard in a long time.I’d be surprised if this year’s top 10 has more than 9 spaces left by the time we get around to writing it up in December – this will be difficult to beat..” – Headlights and White Lines

“Cuecliché has a great EP on their hands with ‘Look at the Pictures’. The music, the lyrics, and the vocals are all on point. These guys have matured in their sound since their first EP, and it is clear that they have secured a spot in the pop-punk scene. They are only going up from this point. While their songs may spark nostalgia, Cuecliché is an up-and-coming band that has a bright future in front of them.” –  Frame The Stage

“They do what they wish, they surprise you and they do so in a fashion that in the end, you really can’t complain about! “- Musically Fresh

“Cuecliche have outdone themselves on Look At The Pictures. They’re certainly making their mark on the scene.” – Punkanormal Activity

“Look at the Pictures’ is a meaty EP of overwrought passion and energetic confidence with an undertone of vulnerability. This trio whack out high intensity punk rock tunes laced in shredding jagged riffs, punchy drums and gritty bass grooves.” –  Indie Buddie

“‘Look at the Pictures’ sees Cuecliche become serious contenders in the pop-punk world. Their drive to push themselves has resulted in a more mature sound and an impressive depth within their songwriting. This release will get them the attention they deserve.” – Indie Band Guru

“Sounding huge and alive One Last Chance is packed with compelling music, combusting with vitality and passion” – Alternativetracks

“Cuecliché are not going to settle for a life of playing small venues for too long. On the basis of these five songs they might get their wish.” – Even The Stars

“Their new EP, One Last Chance, and it transported us right back to our younger days” – The Daily Listening

“With an underlying notion of a refusal to grow up, this is one band you’re not gonna want to leave off of those summer playlists!” – Buzznet

“If you like catchy pop-punk with a bit of an edge to it, packed with hooky riffs and some big old crashes of cymbals then you’ll love the feel good sound of Cuecliché” – Gigradar

“Cuecliché are a brilliant act ready to take the pop punk baton. Their songs are raw and highly relevant.” – Punkanormal Activity

Live Reviews

“Cuecliché who delivered an impressive set of upbeat energetic pop punk with a rather incredible cover of The Bad Touch” – Midlands Metal Heads

“It’s also there in the energy of the set, which never takes the foot off the accelerator pedal throughout, the band’s philosophy clearly to take the crowd with them.” – Even The Stars

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